Become partner


Entering in a partnership with Gelatist is very much like entering a working group. We will share with you all the best tools to help you becoming a successful entrepreneur in the ever-growing gelato industry. We provide you with:

  • know-how our experience and successful business model
  • quality secret recipes to create and sell excellence, constantly
  • branding marketing based on the branded coordinated image The Gelatist
  • training courses in our labs in Rome and, once you will be ready, in yours
  • design our architects will support you in planning and creating your shop
  • machinery the best equipment to deliver The Gelatist’s quality
  • assistance anytime, for anything you need.

Also, you can buy the best ingredients at the best conditions, directly from our suppliers; you’ll be able to order only what you actually need; you’ll be free to work and produce gelato in your lab. All this, royalty free.

Once you’ll have completed our courses, you’ll be ready to start your own business. We will be at your side before, during and after the opening.


Located in highly frequented places, all our shops feature modern, lively interior design, as the lights exalt the colors and creamy softness of the different gelato flavors.

Join The Gelatist: open your own shop, together we will choose the best location in a busy shopping/residential area.

In Italy, the sales floor area measures 80 to 130 sqm.

As for the format abroad, instead, we reckon it should be between 200 and 250 sqm, thus giving the opportunity to house a coffee shop with seats and leisure areas.

If you need a loan, we can provide access to credit lines reserved to “gelatists”.